Down Payment Assistance Programs

It can be hard to meet the demands of the initial down payment to own a home. If this is a concern that you have, there’s good news. First time home buyers can qualify for down payment assistance that is provided through a government agency or private organization. There are also grants that can be provided at the state/federal level as well.

What is down payment assistance?

A down payment is the money that you will need to put down that’s equal to the percentage of your home’s final price. The amount that you need to put down will vary based the type of loan that you are getting. Some loans require no down payment at all, but there are variations and producing the cash necessary can sometimes pose as a challenge. The name is pretty straight forward, down payment assistance helps you cover your down payment as a first time home buyer.

How does down payment assistance work?

Down payment assistance can come in many different types of forms that we will discuss now. It can come in the form of loans, grants and other programs. The majority of these tools are designated for first time home buyers. The money is not widely available by many entities. Typically, these programs are run by different organizations like your state housing authority or a non-profit.

To gain eligibility there are different pieces of information that will be reviewed. These include: credit history and income. Each state and program has varying degrees of determination. You will most likely fill out a application and may need to attend a type of education to understand and have a comprehension of what you are getting into. This training will help you maintain your finances during the home buying situation.

The amount that you will receive is different for every person based on their specific situation. Some programs cap assistance to a specific dollar amount, others present a percentage based on the homes sale price. Make sure and do your due diligence, research the programs and there different requirements.



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