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Business is booming and we will always welcome yours! Here at Sierra Pacific Mortgage, we can offer you quotes and estimations at completely zero cost to you. Now more than ever is a great time to consider buying a home or property. A home can be a wonderful place to create lasting memories with your family, as well as be an asset that YOU own. No more renting, now you can be the landlord, now you can be the home owner! And, while we love to assist both new and current customers, if there ever comes a time we cant get back to your call in a timely manner (which would literally never happen). We would like to showcase the 10 best Mortgage of Denver Colorado in 2022.


  • Sierra Pacific Mortgage – Michael Shotnik
  • Website: https://comortgage1.wpengine.com
  • Phone: 303-800-4595
  • Description: Now, I know what you’re thinking “wow, you guys put yourselves as #1 in your own market.” The reason for this is because we truly believe that we can offer unparalleled customer service that goes above and beyond anything our competitors can offer. Its not that we think our competitors are bad, its just that we aren’t them. At Sierra Pacific Mortgage our core values are at the heart of who we are. We understand the future homeowner because many of us here at Sierra Pacific Mortgage were in your shoes, so we know the many different emotions you’re feeling right now.


  • Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
  • Website: https://www.fairwayindependentmc.com/
  • Phone: 1-800-201-7544
  • Description: Lets be real, there really isn’t a #2, #3, #4. BUT..because we believe in a free market, we will showcase Fairway with you here today. Fairway is a mortgage lender in Denver Colorado that finds great pleasure in offering fast turn around times and great loan options. One of there main priorities is being a trusted advisor with a high priority in customer service. From application to closing, they love to exceed your expectations from start to finish.


  • One West Bank
  • Website: https://www.onewestbank.com/
  • Phone: 1-800-669-2300
  • Description: Guild mortgage has more than 60 Southern California branches that go all up and down the the coast line. They offer communities local and abroad a full array of lending and deposit solutions for small business and consumers. One West Bank is proud to support it’s local communities and the day-to-day lives of it’s customers.


  • 5280Lend
  • Website: 5280Lend.com
  • Phone: 303-220-0355
  • This is a Denver based brokerage that has been in the area for over a decade. 5280 lend is a member of the Universal Lending Corporation which has a commitment to helping advise families on making the best financial decision for their situations.


  • Agave Home Loans
  • Website: https://www.agavehomeloans.com/
  • Phone 833-316-3170
  • Agave Home Loans has a branch in Denver that specializes in residential properties. The mortgage brokerage has many different products to offer. The CEO worked for another mortgage lender before Agave. The co-owner of the company worked for another brokerage for seven years.


  • Expect Mortgage
  • Website: https://expectmortgage.com/
  • Phone: 303-946-3436
  • Description: Expect mortgage is based in Colorado, more specifically Denver. Expect helps its customers find the best mortgage option for it’s customers needs. The team is hands on with the loan application, helping to find you suitable loan matches. They also help home owners who want to swap their current home loan with their refinancing options. This firm (like many others) is an equal opportunity housing lender.


  • Houz Mortgage
  • Website: https://www.houzmortgage.com/
  • Phone: 303-649-1245
  • Description: Houz mortgage is a mortgage lender in Denver Colorado that will customize your offer to your specific need. Giving you a simple but elegant solution. This company offers options from VA loans to FHA to Adjustable and Fixed rate mortgages. Jumbo, investor as well as conventional are all offered. Houz Mortgage is known well for its ability to monitor and manage loans for its customers.


  • Front Range Mortgage
  • Website: https://www.frontrangemortgage.com/
  • Phone: 303-500-1900
  • Description: Front Range Mortgage serves the Colorado Springs, Boulder, Denver and Grand Junction area, They offer FHA loans, Conventional loans, VA mortgages and other products for refinancing or home purchasing. Front Range has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and are well trusted in their communities.


  • Journey Home Lending
  • Phone: 303-660-4210
  • Website: https://www.journeyhomelending.com/
  • Description: Primarily serving the Denver area, Journey Home Lending is a broker that serves the Denver metro area. Offering several financing options for first time homeowners, the company also has loan offers for programs such as FHA loan, VA loans, self employed mortgages and refinancing. Journey Home mortgages provides customers with a customized home loan strategy to meet the demands of long term and current financial goals.


  • Mortgage Maestro Group
  • Phone: 303-529-8839
  • Website: https://mortgage-maestro.com/
  • Description: Mortgage Maestro Group, a team of professionals that can guide you thought the complex process of buying a home. The brokers of this firm have decades of expertise that allow them to have many connections withing the mortgage industry. Helping families looking to buy single homes, first time home buyers, optimizing personalized home loans that suit individual needs. Mortgage Maestro will guide you through the entire loan process, gathering correct documents and per-approved applications. Ray Williams is the owner, the professionals of Mortgage Maestro group have more than 25 years experience in the fields.


  • The Mortgage Co
  • Phone:800-713-4047
  • Website: https://themortgageco.com/
  • Description: The Mortgage Co, is locally owned here in Colorado, providing residential loan programs for home buyers as well as Veterans here in Denver and along the front range. Specializing in USDA, FHA, and home ready mortgages., The Mortgage Co provides support for charitable organizations. Established in 1996, their team has extensive knowledge of the mortgage industry and its many facets.




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