March 21, 2019

It’s Spring! Time to Clean Up!

It’s Spring! While we’re not naive enough to believe that the snow is completely behind us, this is Colorado, after all. We can take comfort in knowing that warm weather will soon be the norm and we can open up our windows and air out all the winter FUNK! The warm weather and longer days may even have you motivated to start chucking stuff that you no longer need/want and start organizing your space.


Is your garage basically serving as a storage unit? Would you like to park your car back in the garage where it belongs? We found some great tips on Pinterest for organizing your garage. There are some great ideas on how to maximize the space so you don’t have to get rid of EVERYTHING. That being said, take a look at your stuff and see if there is anything that you can part with; maybe you’ve been hanging on to some old paint for years on end and you can recycle it. Please do make sure you recycle paint and dispose of it properly. If you’re not sure where you can do that, you can follow this link to find the nearest paint drop off location

Perhaps one of our favorite ideas that we found was the recycled peanut butter jars for storage! How creative! Be sure to follow us on Pinterest to keep up with all the great ideas!

Yard Clean Up

Maybe you don’t have a very green thumb and could use some guidance on where and how to start with getting your yard cleaned up for spring. We’re here to help! Again, we’ve pinned a few different ideas, but we like this particular checklist, because, well, who doesn’t like a checklist?

One thing that may be important to note is that you shouldn’t feel you need to complete this checklist all in one day or even one weekend. It’s a lot to get your yard ready for spring. So maybe take the checklist and break it up over the course of a few weekends. Further, there may be things on this checklist that do not apply to your yard. Make it work for you! Lastly, we thought we’d share some common toxic plants for our four-legged family members.


Laundry, Laundry, Laundry!

Do you feel like you’re in an endless cycle of doing laundry? If you have kids and those kids are in sports, you may be close to losing your mind with the amount of laundry you’re doing. That being said, we’ve found some great organization and decluttering ideas for you. Once you’ve gone through your clothes and have decided what to keep and what to give away, you may want some ideas on how to store your remaining threads. This pin is especially genius because it includes a video to teach you how to fold your clothes to maximize your space in storing!


We realize that we’ve only covered a few areas of your home. If you’re feeling like you could use some more help with the rest of your home, take a look at one of our past posts on spring cleaning or check out our Pinterest page for lots of great ideas! Happy Spring everyone!


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