July 17, 2018

Everything you need to know when relocating to Denver

Did you just relocate to Denver? Not sure where to buy or rent? Looking for the best schools for your kids? Maybe you’re a foodie and you want to know which restaurants to try first. Check out the rest of this blog for everything you need to know when relocating to Denver.

Best area to buy or rent

According to Holly Hills is the best suburb to buy, and probably rent if you’re looking to rent a single family home. Holly Hills is located around i25 (mostly on the east side) and between E Iliff Ave and ends just before you get to Hampden Ave. It does cross i25 at Yale, but it’s just a small section on the west side of i25. This neighborhood funnels to top rated Cherry Creek public schools. This neighborhood is also really low on crime and safety making it a good choice for families. The only thing it doesn’t receive an A grade on is diversity, it scored a B.  To read more about Holly Hills or to explore other neighborhoods in Denver Metro Area, click here

Best Schools

Thankfully, there are many top rated schools in the Denver Metro Area. That being said, if you’re partial to private versus public, or you’re comparing between areas to determine where to buy/rent, you can find more details here.

Food First

Are you driven by food and looking for the best area of town to reside based off its surrounding eateries? If food is carrying the weight of your decision on where to live, downtown is probably going to be the best place to settle, whether temporarily or more long-term with a purchase. If you don’t want to live downtown, you’ll either need to be willing to make the commute or find somewhere that is downtown adjacent. Some super popular neighborhoods in recent years, specifically for food, are: The Highlands, RiNo, and Lodo.

If you’re looking for other things Denver has to offer, check out some of our other blogs that cover best places to hike, best places to play golf, and best staycation locations near Denver Check back for everything from mortgage tips and advice to where to go during the holidays and fun summer activities.


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