February 26, 2018

Staging a Home

Spring is right around the corner. Spring is the beginning of the peak selling season for homeowners. And while we know that this market is and has been a sellers market for a while, we still think it’s worthwhile to offer some tips on staging your home. You might want to try some of these tips to help it sell quicker and beat out your neighbor.


You may have heard it before, but decluttering is probably the most important thing to staging a home. The feel you’re going for is one of a model home. If you go to the Parade of Homes, you’ll notice that there aren’t any personal items or knickknacks lying around. Further, there isn’t a pile of toys in the corner.  Decluttering doesn’t just pertain to small objects. If your room has too much furniture or has over-sized furniture, it’s going to look small.

Miscellaneous Room

If you have an extra room, one that doesn’t really serve a purpose, try transforming it into one that would serve a purpose for a future buyer. For example, if you have a room that’s just collecting extra stuff because it has no use anywhere else, try remove the stuff and bringing in office furnishing. This could appeal to the future homebuyer that might work from home.


Lighting is a big one, though it might not seem that important. In staging, you want to present your house as warm and welcoming. One of the easiest ways to do so is by improving your lighting. Try increasing the wattage of your bulbs. If you don’t have any windows, try adding a few extra lamps or or pendants to improve lighting.

Bigger is Better

If you’re trying to make your room look bigger than it is, try painting it the same color as an adjacent room. For example, if you’re trying to make your kitchen appear bigger, paint the dining room or living room the same color so it appears as one big room rather than two small spaces. This might appeal to the buyer who likes to entertain.

Stay Neutral

Our homes are a space where we can express ourselves and our style. That being said, the prospective buyer may not have the same taste as you. So, although you love the bright red accent wall in the living room, it may turn off a potential buyer. Stick with neutrals, even if it doesn’t feel like you, it’s going to be more appealing to more people.


Brighten up your rooms with accessories. You don’t need to spend a fortune to do so. You can add a vase of fruit to your dining room table. Adding a plant or books to a table in the living room will help stage that space as a more relaxing place. Adding a cute throw pillow or two to the bed can brighten up the entire room. You can check out Michaels or Hobby Lobby; they frequently have sales on their accessories or you can download coupons from their apps.  The ‘dollar’ spot at Target is a great place to find inexpensive accessories too. Don’t forget to look in your own yard. If you have beautiful flowers growing there, snip a few stems off, put them in water, and place them in your kitchen to freshen it up.


This is a place that can get overlooked.  If you think potential homebuyers aren’t checking out what kind of storage you have to offer, you’re wrong. They’re calculating if their stuff would fit into your space. Here’s a great trick to make your closets appear bigger. Pull out whatever off-season apparel you have, put them in a tote(s) and put in the garage or storage unit. If you have even one-third less stuff, it’s going to make your closet appear bigger, which is a good thing!

New Hardware

Don’t have the money to replace the cabinets in your kitchen or bathrooms? That’s okay! Adding a fresh coat of paint and replacing the hardware is a great way to freshen them up and make newer looking. An over the counter window valance would also be a relatively cheap way to update the space, as well.

Staging a home is a step in the home selling process that some overlook and it could be a costly mistake. It could prevent you from getting more for your home.  It can be fairly inexpensive to do and will likely lessen the amount of time your home is on the market. Want some more tips on selling your home? Check out our pinterest board here 


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