October 20, 2017

Best Schools in Denver Metro area

When searching for a home, many people research the best schools in the area so they can be sure to buy a home that feeds to a good school. We’ve compiled a list of the best districts in the Denver Metro area and then broken them down by the best schools. If schools are a high priority for you during your house hunt, then this is one less thing you need to research!

Top Districts

The Top 3 school districts in Colorado are Cherry Creek School District, Littleton Public, and Douglas County School District No. Re-1. Cherry Creek and Littleton Public both have A scores and Douglas County has a B+.  Cherry Creek district has a total of 64 schools with a student-teacher ratio of 18:1. Littleton Public school district has 24 schools and a student-teacher ratio of 19:1. Lastly, Douglas County has 98 schools and student-teacher ratio of 20:1.

Best Public Elementary Schools

The top 3 public Elementary schools are Peak to Peak Charter School, Challenge School, and Cherry Creek Charter Academy.  The last two are in Cherry Creek School District. Peak to Peak is located in Boulder Valley School District. Peak to Peak and Challenge received A+ while Cherry Creek Charter received an A.


Best Public Middle Schools

Peak to Peak Charter and Challenge School were the top schools for elementary. Coincidentally, Peak to Peak goes to grade 12 and Challenge goes through 8th grade. Thus, they hold the top two spots for Best Public Middle Schools respectively, as well. The third top public middle school is Summit Middle Charter School in Boulder Valley School District. Summit Middle Charter School got an A grade.


Best Public High Schools

The top public high school in the Denver Metro area is Cherry Creek High school with a A+ grade. Rated 2nd from Boulder Valley school district is Fairview High School who received an A+, as well. Lastly, Peak to Peak Charter School is ranked third for best public high school.  We thought it worth mentioning that Grandview High School is the 4th ranked High School. Grandview is located in Cherry Creek School District and received an A+.
Hopefully this has been useful information for you if you’re house hunting. If you’ve found a home that you like, but want to know how it ranks, you can look it up on, which we used as a source for this blog.


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