August 28, 2017

Should you use a realtor when buying a New Construction Home? YES!

I am writing this as a Realtor that has not only helped buyers purchase new construction homes, but as  a Realtor that has listed and sold over 35 new construction sales (and still counting). As a buyer, it is always a good idea to have a buyer’s agent that is representing you and your best interests. I’m going to quickly lay out for you why the 2 most common reasons for NOT using a Realtor are WRONG.

#1 – The sales representative will do everything that my realtor could do: while it is correct that the sales representative would be happy to help you in the transaction, they can only act as a transaction broker, meaning they can’t go to bat for you if there is an issue. It is between you and the builder. If you have a Realtor solely working for you, they can take A LOT of the stress out by handling the tough situations for you. Your own Realtor will also be able to help you choose the best lot, location, design features, and upgrades based on resale value. It is the sales representative’s job to SELL, not to tell you that you could to get the kitchen backsplash installed after you close for ¾ of the price that the builder is charging. They are not being dishonest, they are just doing their job. Let an experienced Realtor walk you through the process and give you 3rd party advice so that you make the right decision for you and your future!

#2 – I am going to save money if I go into the deal without my own Realtor: wouldn’t it be great if you were! Some people believe this for 2 reasons. First, that they themselves will be avoiding the cost of having to pay their buyer’s agent…well you wouldn’t be paying them in the first place! As in every real estate transaction, traditionally the seller pays, and in this case that’s the builder. Which leads us into the other reason people think they will save money…“Well if the builder isn’t going to have to pay a Realtor because I don’t have one then they will take that off of the price”…NOPE! Builders build houses to make a profit, if they stand the opportunity to make more profit do you think they are going to pass that on to you? They are not bad people, it’s business!

But guess what, builders actually encourage buyers to have their own representation! They know that if you have a Realtor, the deal will go smoother and that is their main goal: to get you into your brand new home as fast and stress-free as possible!

Guest blog post by

Spencer Hellwig
The Hellwig Team
RE/MAX of Boulder


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