June 16, 2017

Summer Kids Activities

So we’re a few weeks into summer and your kids are already saying “I’m bored. What are we going to do today?” We’ve put together some fun summer kids activities to help you, as parents, keep your sanity and to bring some fun into your summer vacation!

Who doesn’t love movies? Popcorn, treats, comfy seats! Regal Cinemas is hosting $1 movies for 9 weeks! It started on June 6th, but there are still lots of movies to watch! Check out the link here to find out the showtime details.

Like to listen to live music? There are a number of free concerts happening around the city this summer. Check out this link to find the details to your next musical festivity!

There are a number of great places to visit in Denver, but do have a bigger price tag associated. The Children’s Museum was expanded and updated within the past few years, if you haven’t visited, it’s a must! Pirate’s Cove is sure to be a good time! Located between Santa Fe and Broadway off of Belleview, the kids are going to love every second. Littleton Museum is a fun place to visit as well and it’s FREE! Located at 6028 S. Gallup Street, Littleton, Co. 80120. They also have some fun events as well, check out their website for details:  Groupon frequently has deals as well, be sure to check there before making plans.


Looking for some fun at-home ideas? How about ‘traveling’ with your kids to another country? Pick a country (maybe one from your family’s roots), study it for a week and then pick one of their defining culinary staples and make it with the kids. It’s a super fun way to learn, delicious too! You can check out our pinterest page for more at-home fun:


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