April 4, 2017

This post is for the technology geeks. Who watches I, Robot and is in awe? I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind taking a nap in the car while en route to my destination. Just a catnap. It’s no big deal, right? How long before this translates to our homes, aka, Smart Home?

Energy Efficiency

Most of us have heard of Roombas, I think. Roombas are robotic vacuum cleaners that you can program to vaccum your house while you’re at work, sleeping, or at your kid’s soccer game. But time-saving technologies are really starting to expand not just to save time. There are many more gadgets available to help conserve energy, turn your waste into biodegradable compost, and conserve water. And while this isn’t always the number one priority for homeowners and potential homeowners, it certainly makes you feel like a responsible human being.  As if you’re doing your part to help conserve the integrity of our planet. Moreover, many of these offer tax breaks. It’s win win, right?


So, where’s the value on making yours a “Smart Home?” In the end, depending on the gadget, if it’s cool enough, it might be cool enough to set your house apart from the competition. Because as stated earlier, though some energy saving items are tax deductible, some of them are only beneficial to the homeowner that installs them. However, there are some energy efficiency rebate programs available. Therefore, they’re definitely worth looking into if you find a home that has, say, solar panels.  Overall, if your foundation is failing, but you have a sweet home theatre, you’re probably going to struggle sell your house. Stick to the essentials first and then if there’s room in the budget, break out the I, Robot gear.


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