April 4, 2016

Rocket Mortgage got a lot of attention with their Super Bowl ad.

While the online product does a good job of making the process seem less intimidating, push-button technology doesn’t guarantee problem-free mortgages.
Rocket Mortgage still requires all the same underwriting guidelines and provides no actual short cuts.

The commercial appeal of the brand is that they process loans online – efficiently.
But likely Rocket Mortgage clients will still need to talk on the phone to a representative at some point and they’re not the only lender processing loans online.

We’re not seen in Super Bowl ads, but Colorado Mortgage offers efficient technology on top of expert service:

1. Get it done right, as well as efficiently.
We pay attention to detail as well as your individual needs as a borrower. Getting a mortgage impulsively online may result in higher rates and fees.

2. Expert advice and personal peace of mind.
Don’t assume with guessing or generalizing financial info online. We’ll guide you through your best loan options to get you pre-qualified in minutes.

3. Web client loan portal for fast, online processing.
Eliminate the need for printing or mailing with our all-electronic system for documentation processing.

4. Prompt replies to email and phone calls.
All our staff is committed to responding to you ASAP, so we are set up with technology to do so.

Mortgage compliance regulations are in place for your protection. If you’ve seen The Big Short, you understand why!

Buying a home is not as simple as buying music, plane tickets or shoes like the Rocket Mortgage commercial suggests it could be. You’ll still need an inspection and appraisal and all the financial qualifications needed for a home loan.

But we make the process as simple as possible! Technology and personal attention add up to peace of mind and the best possible experience.

How to get started:
1. Calculate personalized loan options and rates in minutes
2. Start a loan application to get pre-qualified
3. Schedule a call with Michael Shotnik if you have questions!


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