September 24, 2014

1. DIY on large home repairs like plumbing or electrical wiring.
Doing major home repairs on your own will only make matters worse!

2. Starting out too ambitious with a home garden.
It’s easy to get excited about a new yard and garden, but also easy to get carried away, overwhelming yourself later. Start slowly, perhaps with a few perennials and shrubs.

3. Nailing a trellis to your home’s siding.
Siding is not strong enough to hold up most structures. Do your research and check necessary permits first.

4. Ignoring a strange smell.
Before covering up an odd odor with air fresheners, try to determine a potentially pricey problem before it gets worse.

5. Not planning for unexpected emergency repairs.
It’s easy to forget that things come up such as replacing a water heater or dealing with pipes that burst. Keep a home emergency fund.

6. Skimping on long-term repairs to save money.
Sometimes it’s necessary to make the financial investment in large, important repairs. Quality will give you peace of mind further down the road.

7. Putting large items like pianos on the second floor.
The first floor is the best place to put items like a pinball machine or a piano. Having them on the second floor compromises the integrity of the floor; a long-term, costly mistake.

8. Ignoring whether the smoke alarm is working.
It’s an easy assumption to make, but schedule a periodic check to ensure the smoke alarm is working.

9. Constantly adjusting the thermostat which wastes money.
In a place like Colorado where the weather changes rapidly, it’s natural to re-adjust the thermostat frequently. However, keeping at a constant temperature is the best way to save energy.

10. Overloading electrical sockets.
Everyone should know this but it still happens: don’t do it.

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