September 23, 2014

Moving is generally known to be in the top 5 of life’s most stressful situations.

Here are a few ideas to help minimize that stress!

  1. Take pictures of how all your entertainment and computer devices are set up so you remember what cords look like and what gets connected where.
  2. Valuables you can’t give away, sell on Amazon or eBay. Or if recycling is more your style, use Freecycle.
    Start the process of getting rid of things long before you move! Sorting through what you want to keep during the packing process will amplify your stress.
  3. Plan for address change. Think of all the agencies you deal with that will need a correct address: bank, bills, credit cards, utilities, etc. Go to to fill out a change of address form and then once confirmed, transfer the change of address for all the necessary accounts.
  4. Live out of a bag. Pack a small suitcase with a change of clothes, necessary toiletries and whatever you might need while all your other personal items are boxed during the moving process.
  5. Have a little fun! Take a break and explore the new neighborhood destinations. If clutter from packing or unpacking is driving you crazy, go with the disarray and play hide and seek in the muddle. Compile an awesome music playlist of your current favorite tunes and treat yourself to delivery food.

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Remember the end goal… The stress won’t last forever!


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